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How Secure Is Cloud Data?

What we do.

We help startups, SaaS, and enterprise companies with cutting-edge solutions. We provide holistic solutions that integrate the analysis, consultancy, design, and implementation of custom cloud projects.

  • Entirely cloud based – The use of off-site systems to help computers store, manage, process, and/or communicate information.

  • Any number of devices – Technology powers nearly every aspect of today’s IT infrastructure, from an individual employee’s work to operations to goods and services.

  • Single sign-on – An authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.

  • Disaster recovery – The process of maintaining or reestablishing vital infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster, such as a storm or battle. It employs policies, tools, and procedures.
  • Access from anywhere – The ability for an authorized person to access a computer or network from a geographical distance through a network connection.

  • Real-time backups – A type of backup which allows users to copy files, directories or volumes without having to interrupt work and reboot a system.


Scalability describes an institution’s ability to handle increased market demands; in the corporate world, a scalable company is one that can maintain or improve its level of performance even as it is tested by larger and larger operational demands.

“An important interconnection capability for cloud service providers. (CSPs) and cloud customers that enable private virtual connections for direct cloud access.”

“The logs of data that a cloud infrastructure or application generates. Using the data, organizations can detect, monitor, and respond to various changes in costs, security, and performance of their cloud environments.”

“A cloud marketplace provides customers with access to software applications and services that are built on, integrate with or complement the cloud provider’s offerings.”



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Founded in 2014 in Portugal as a startup IT company, that delivers end-to-end services, from vision to reality, to clients globally.

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